Why you should join...

A team to work with

Work with other members of the team to learn new methods, new technology, and improve your brand! Plus, working together, our content always improves!

Exposure and Advertisement

Our show, website, our social media, and more will give awareness to your brand!

Free technology and Event Access

Our partnerships and sponsorships are all designed to help our team members succeed, and to take pressure off of them so they can mostly focus on content creation!


What we expect...


We expect all members of the team to help each other, and require you spend at least 4 hours a month helping another team member. We require you help us in creating team content in the way of shows at least once a quarter.


We do not put up with absentee team members, you must communicate with the team via chat at least every 72 hours, via voice for at least 2 hours every month, and to let management know if you have any ideas or concerns right away!


We require all applicants to be streaming for at least 6 months and maintain a 6 viewer minimum for the last 30 days acording to SullyGnome.

Meet the Management Team

Company team


Team Manager

 Founder and chief visionary, Justin is the driving force behind the team. He loves to keep his hands full by participating in the recruitment, team member management, marketing and the growth strategies. He has a background in managing companies, content delivery, consulting  and contracting. 

His channel has been live for over 2 years now, and confusing people what fish bacon is!

Operations Manager


Operations Manager

Buster is the driving force of getting things done within the team. She also makes sure the team's shows are running at full speed. Her background is in event management, and it shows well! 

She is known as the fiercest Klingon in the verse, and stream both Star Citizen and her makeup sessions, so give her a Qapla!

Community Manager


Community Manager

The creator of multiple community sites, a member of the staff for others, and a passionate organization leader... he has what it takes to make technology happen! 

You can see him in the videos from CitizenCon and on his stream as the Altama Director and cargo running extraordinaire! 

Archer Designs


Design and Branding Manager

The most recognized art creator in the Star Citizen category, many high profile streamers in the category bare his amazing talent!

Catch him streaming his work today!

Meet the Stream Team



Founding Member

A leader of the Spanish speaking community, Skainet, Krakhen always provides a warm welcoming environment for both Spanish and English speakers alike! 



Founding Member

Known for his deep knowledge on games, Star Citizen lore, and his love for the Kraken ship in Star Citizen, Ace has been a foundational member since the beginning of the team! Catch him playing a variety of games to include SC!



He is also known for his high energy, love of Cher and autotune, and faces which are guaranteed to keep you entertained! Be sure to ask him what life after love is like! 

Company team


Bartender, saint, and the guy you want to hang out with, he is the embodiment of all the prior! He hunts priority targets throughout the verse, no bounty too great!  Join him for a beer!



A leader of the Extraordinarily Streamer Network, 8-bit dojo, United Star Citizen Community, and previously a band... watch out when he puts the gloves on! You can find him playing FPS and bounty hunting gigs across the verse and beyond! Ask him to sing a heavy metal song or kill someone for you!



Star Citizen Stream and ADI Senior Staff,  his shows are always on fire with the latest and greatest entertainment options!



She is known as the leader of EN7, a role play news agency and primary cover-er of all things Daymar Rally. She plays a variety of games when not in the verse, especially survival games! Catch her surviving in a game or in the verse today!

Company team


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